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  • 2. The biggest thief that will ever enter your home does so by your invitation. Your television can steal something more valuable from you than any other thief on the planet: Your precious, non-renewable life time. Time to stop this little thief from pilfering any more! At least once a month, spend an entire week without watching any television and use the time to do something much more life-enhancing. You could workout, read books, learn a new subject ? languages, cookery Jessie Bates III Bengals Jersey , swimming, diving, computers, wine-tasting, crafts, astronomy, astrology A.J. Green Bengals Jersey , music, advanced driving, drama, take up a new sport ? the list is endless. You'll meet people, you'll develop more skills, you'll add to your knowledge and you'll develop more confidence. And you'll feel more alive! Beats sitting indoors watching soaps, the news Cheap Michael Jordan Jersey , repeats and a barrage of commercials doesn't it? I'm sure you've heard people say "I'd love to try something new but I just haven't the time". It's common isn't it? Yet many people are totally unaware of how much television they watch. Let's be conservative and say it's an average 4 hours a day. 4 x 7 = 28 hours. Imagine what you could achieve if you devoted 28 hours a week to doing something far more constructive?

    3. Fancy a challenge ? something that will test you to the limit? How about a survival weekend? There are many courses available for this, from basic outdoor survival to more specialized ones for arctic, desert and jungle survival. You'll learn more about the environment, you'll develop survival skills and again, you'll meet new people and share a highly rewarding experience. To find courses, use the Internet search engines ? "survival weekend", "survival courses" and "learn basic survival" as search terms.

    4. Spontaneity can bring excitement and adventure into life. Doing things on the spur of the moment is fun too! So why not just do something totally unplanned? Get in the car and drive somewhere Cheap Renell Wren Jersey , go to the train station and take a train journey somewhere, or, for a holiday, just visit your travel broker or go direct to the airport and see what deals they've got for you to go there and then. Have your bags packed and ready and don't forget your passport! This brings the unknown into our lives, and although this can be a little bit frightening, it's also very exciting too. Enjoy the adventure!

    5. I've saved the best till last! When it comes to living a happy, fulfilled life Cheap Ryan Finley Jersey , a life where you do all things you really want to do, fear is the biggest threat you will have to face. It ruins the hopes and dreams of millions and millions of people. Every time you give in to a fear, you lose. You miss out on opportunity, experience and happiness. So do something you are afraid of. Yes, I know it is very hard to do this but the alternative ? giving in ? is much more painful. If you're afraid of heights, learn to abseil or climb. If you're afraid of water, learn to swim. Flying ? attend a fear of flying course. Frightened of driving? Start to learn. If you want to start a business Cheap Germaine Pratt Jersey , devote the time to become fully informed and start your research. Whatever it is, TAKE ACTION to beat it. Fear only exists in one place ? YOUR MIND. It is an illusion that will set boundaries on your happiness. The only way to break through these boundaries is to confront fear and overcome it. When you do, your confidence will increase, you will experience more happiness and my word will you feel alive!

    And there you are, five great ideas for you to try. Make them work for you by putting them into action and don't forget: Knowledge isn't power, it is putting our knowledge in to action so it works for us is what empowers us!

    Until next time.

    Chris Green is the author of the new acclaimed book "Conquering Fear", the complete guide to overcoming fear and attracting more success Cheap Drew Sample Jersey , prosperity and happiness into your life. Welcome to your personal power revolution! For more info, Click Here==>

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