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  • - A Massively Multiplayer Experience Game On Phone Or Computer

    Posted by Paperiogames on November 19th Wholesale Jerseys From China , 2017

    If you have a phone or a computer and a love for games, there's a very good chance you're already playing is a massively multiplayer game on the phone (as well as Android devices and desktop web browsers). It's the latest game to top the charts on the io games. In other words, would have been a hard game to miss.

    A massively multiplayer experience supporting hundreds of players at once, is a game about eating up the competition. It's about destroying your enemies to grow your own body larger, while also avoiding the clever maneuvers of everyone else so that you can stay alive as long as you possibly can.

    The object of the game was to try and trick your opponent to crash headfirst into your light trail Wholesale Jerseys China , thereby eliminating them from play. In a nutshell, this is also the gameplay of Instead of a light trail, you'll try to coax players into the tail of your snake, but the idea is very much the same.

    What sets apart, however Wholesale Jerseys , is the size of the snake you're controlling. The playing field is littered with colored dots that you can gobble up to increase your size, and should another snake die, their body will explode into a thousand points of light that you can use to grow your own snake rather quickly, should you be able to gather their tattered remains faster than the other players.

    The other major difference is that players don't move at right angles, instead of making natural motions like a snake. You can even cross over your own tail here Cheap Soccer Jerseys China , which leads to interesting strategic options, like circling around a smaller player until they run out of room and crash into your ever-closing circle.

    You can also boost to get a quick burst of speed, but doing so means you'll sacrifice some of your lengths, so players will want to think twice before taking advantage of a speedy step forward. is a game of making your snake bigger at the expense of other snakes. If you're crafty, you can be the tiniest player at the beginning and take out the biggest competitor on the board. Unlike where size dictates the pecking order Cheap Soccer Jerseys , is the true equalizer. Play smart, and you'll be the biggest snake on the block.

    According to the same post, the game received more than 2 million downloads on mobile devices in its first week alone, despite a total lack of paid promotion. It's the sort of success that most developers dream of.

    With millions of downloads, a lengthy stint at the top of the free apps chart Cheap Jerseys Wholesale , and hundreds of players to compete against in every match, has all the makings of a long-term hit. As much as you might like the idea of turning your snake into any president, You will take good controls over silly skins any day of the week.

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