IQF Freezing Reduces Ice Crystallization

  • IQF Freezing or individual quick freezing is a freezing method used in the food processing industry. Typically its used for smaller pieces of food like berries, fruits and vegetables, whether diced or sliced.

    How does IQF Work:

    The process of IQF relies on freezing the product extremely quickly. Fast enough freezing causes much smaller ice crystals to develop within the product. Ice Crystals that develop with slower methods of freezing are bigger and these crystals damage the cells and tissues of the product.

    This is the concept behind the process of IQF.

    Food and produce that is frozen through slower means of freezing tend to be dry and damaged when they are defrosted. The formation of larger ice crystals damage the cell walls and reduce the quality of the food. IQF freezing however does not allow the process of bigger ice crystal formation to take place.

    The process of ice crystallization takes place between 30 to 25º F or -1 to -4º C. IQF Freezers freeze content extremely fast, bypassing this crucial zone as quickly as possible. This ensures that the food manages to freeze while barely having the chance to develop ice crystals within itself, thereby maintaining product quality.

    By quickly freezing the product, the cells within the food are undamaged and preserved so that a higher quality result is acquired every time.

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    IQF Reduces Ice Crystallization

    Specifically, this is because ice crystals only form between 31 and 25 degrees F. The longer a food item spends in this temperature range, the more ice crystals will form.

    The key to IQF is speeding the food through this 31 to 25 F temperature zone as quickly as possible. For example, it might take ten hours to freeze a package of fish via conventional freezing (i.e. you putting it in your freezer at home). Using IQF technology, it might only take 90 minutes. But crucially, instead of spending a full six (out of 10) hours in the 31 to 25 F zone in the conventional method, it only spends 25 minutes there using IQF. For more ideas, tips and tricks about Guanfeng IQF Freezing Frozen Solution , please click below link