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  • 4 января 2020 г., 11:08:29 MSK

    MB & F-Watchmaking Machinery No.7 Aquapod Green

    Following the 2017 red gold with black ceramic bezel and titanium gold with blue ceramic bezel, MB&F HM7 replica watches,MB & F now introduces the third titanium metal with green sapphire crystal bezel.

    Inspired by the radial symmetrical design of the jellyfish, the HM7 Aquapod Green has a concentric structure with winding rotors, barrels, hour and minute hands, and flying tourbillons from bottom to top, all arranged around the central axis.

    At the highest point of the movement, the wearer can enjoy the constantly rotating flying tourbillon adjuster. Three AGT Ultra (Ambient Light Emitting Technology) lights inside the movement shine on the tourbillon for maximum appreciation at night.

    The curve of the high-dome sapphire crystal is reflected in the shape of the time display ring, which is not only flat and inclined, but also mathematically accurate curved spherical parts.high quality replica watches

    The hours and minutes are displayed around the movement. Two large time display rings are supported by ceramic ball bearings, which can optimize rotation due to the very low coefficient of friction.

    Although Horologic Caliber 7 is not a diving watch, it is a watch that can be worn comfortably by the sea. Its unidirectional rotating bezel has witnessed this change. Unlike other diving watches, the dial is not mounted on the case. Instead, it floats apart like a lifebuoy.

    The internally developed 303-component HM7 engine fights at a frequency of 18,000 vibrations (2.5 Hz) per hour and has a power reserve of 72 hours. It is powered by a tentacle-like automatic winding rotor made of solid titanium Made of blocks with a platinum feel to ensure strong winding.www.bagsbagu.com

    MB & F clock machine N ° 7 platinum red

    Platinum is the highest grade of fine watchmaking material, and it enters the HM7 series: its luminous white-silver tone contrasts with the bright carmine of the unidirectional rotating bezel. When red was first used in MB & F creation, it didn't immediately refer to Sea World-but for jellyfish, it had a very special meaning.

    The deeper you go in the ocean, the less noticeable the color. Red is the first color to disappear because it is at the lowest end of the visible spectrum and its wavelength is the color most easily absorbed by water. This is why there is a higher concentration of red sea creatures in the depths-predators can barely see them. Deep jellyfish is usually disguised as a red belly: a transparent body allows predators to discover its contents.

    The HM7 Aquapod white gold red watch with floating digital attachments has unprecedented transparency around its beating heart-60 seconds flying tourbillon-the deepest from the watchmaking ocean.Hublot MP-02 Key of Time 902.ND.1190.RX

    Jellyfish is almost extraterrestrial because it is far from the mammalian system we know, and one of its most surprising aspects is transparency. How does such a thorough, seemingly inconsistent creature live? To highlight this feature, the HM7 Platinum Red uses a transparent sapphire bridge instead of the asteroid axe of the previous Aquapods Tourbillon. The flying tourbillon of the HM7 engine has never been exposed as it is now, and AGT's super strong luminous halo highlights this.

    HM7 platinum red is very natural, just like the fascinating creatures in the deep, it will glow. In addition to the AGT on the flying tourbillon ring, a luminescent material was also found in the laser-engraved markings on the unidirectional rotating bezel and hour and minute digital surfaces. In this case, the undyed Super-LumiNova glows white after exposure.

    HM7 Platinum Red 391 component automatic engine is completely developed in-house by MB & F. Equipped with case, bezel and platinum buckle, each group is equipped with three interchangeable high-quality rubber straps (red, white and black) for aviation.Richard Mille RM 35 replica watches